Part 2



Collected portfolio today, I have received some good advice from tutor, and he mentioned that I should finish my sketchbook by now. My sketchbook still remains lots of blank pages, I know the quantity of my sketchbook is not enough, but sometimes I really don’t know what I should put in the sketchbook when I have done enough research and experiment, I guess I should add more develop sketches, making processes and draw bigger, I will ask for advice from tutor some time.


We shared our initial ideas with peers today, they are very creative, some of their ideas are what I have never thought of before, like, a girl put paper ball in the vine of tomato, it looks like a paper ball grew from the vine, it's humorous. It reminds me one of the Album cover of Marilyn Manson's, it's a combination of human form and worm body, I would like to do some research on this.

Then we continued model making, and paired up to be each other’s model, my partner worn my pieces in different ways, and I needed to draw real quick, she gave me more inspiration on how to wear, it’s a good way to learn from others. I was focus on layering paper, I found that tracing paper combines with other materials could create quite nice effect. I think my models could be more 3D.

IMG_2827.JPG IMG_9965.JPG


My classmates thought my final outcome is not disgusting enough, I think so. I didn’t manage my time well, the final was kind of rushed, it didn’t achieve the expected effect. I would redo it on Christmas vacation, I need to do more experiment of materials. In the afternoon, we started a new project: bespoke, this is a really exciting project. We got paired off and interviewed each other, getting to know dozens of facts of a person that I have never talked to before was so fun. She’s from other country and have different religious beliefs, I got lots of informations, but have no idea which one to develop by now, so I would ask more questions other than the questionnaire and dig deeper.


For the final outcome, I think the biggest problem for me was color matching, my final piece should be colorful to present a sense of childhood, I did research on artist and get inspiration from the way she use colors, but when I put the color that I extracted together, it seemed too childlike. I turned to my friend, who is very good at painting and color matching, the advice she gave me was add some gray tone and recompose them, the colors I chose were too bright and too strong. This was really helpful!


In new project 'Hope&Healing', we research on talismans, amulets and objects of healing. I am always interested in mysterious things and diverse culture. I just realized how much my families love me after thinking of how many talismans they have gave me for bringing me luck and protect me, whether it works or not, it's full of love, and that's spiritual healing.

We looked at plants in Chelsea Physic Gardens for primary research, in this season, some flowers faded, and I don't really know the function of each plant, so I still need to do more research. I just got few inspiration from today's research.


I was trying to look for more inspiration in different culture, I went to the British museum and saw some information of divination in Africa. I think there's always a person behind a talisman to give it magic power. So I looked at the way my grandma pray for the talisman in the temple, and decided to hold the clay in my hand in the prayer posture, I think it's the way to give it magic power. Polymer clay and the clay in the plastic workshop are quite hard, they are not easy to get the exquisite shape, and air-dry clay has small cracks, so I used the silicone moulding paste to make the mould.

IMG_5568.JPG IMG_2927.JPG





reorganized my A2 sheets with tutor today, they are much better now. Sometimes I just need to step out and see my work with a stranger's eye, it's important to keep it simple and present ideas and develop process clearly. MOVEMENT11.JPG


Today we were divided into six tables and used different techniques to manipulate paper, we got a chance to explore the possibility of paper, it’s quite interesting. This is different from my high school, I used to start a project with concept, but in CSM, we often start with model making, I think it’s a good way to practice our creativity, and knowing the qualities and properties of paper may gives me more inspiration for concept.

We did a brain storm with tutor in the afternoon, I got inspiration from the word ‘cover’, I think secret, feelings and weakness are not the only thing that’s being hidden, there is also the dark side of human nature.



Today we learned leather working and paper pulp skills, it’s so fun. Leather feels retro and delicate, and you can form it after soaking it into warm water. Getting to know the different effect of different materials is helpful to come up with more ideas. And it’s lucky to heard the work experience from our tutor, she shared the problems she had encountered and how she worked things out. It wasn’t easy, I want to make the most of college and hope that I can start my own business in the future.



In today’s drawing exercise I felt my drawing skill is improving, I became more confident, and I don’t need pencil to make a draft now, the line drawing was easy to comprehend. Drawing combined with other materials  was new to me and I will keep practicing.

After a deep conversation with my partner, I got many ideas about her. In our conversation, I know that she has a little sister, and so do I, she talked about how she gets along with her sis, they’re very closed, sometimes fight, but still loves each other so much, I totally get it, and I also miss my little sis so much. So I would like to talk about relationship between siblings in my way, this is a bespoke object for her, and I also enjoy myself doing it.




Today is to discuss our initial ideas in groups. When it comes to plants, I think of the sleepy tea that I would drink when I am sleepless, it's made of Lavender and Linden Flowers, and I think of Aromatherapy, so my first idea is to make an aromatic jewelry. But seems many people have the same idea, so I decided to develop another idea. In China, we don't just buy talisman with money, we need to go to the temple and pray for the people we love, then can have a talisman for them. All my talisman are from my mom and grandma, every time I look at them, I can feel many many love, so I decided to look at how they pray for a talisman in the temple. It might gives me inspiration.


I chose alginate to make the mould, because it cost less time to dry than silicone does, the technician told me the model has to stand in the middle of the clay wall, would be easier to take it out, coz alginate is easy to break. So I used clay to stick them on the table, but they fell when pouring the alginate in it, because the silicone doesn't stick to anything, then the only thing I can do was holding the model with my fingers, so there's always one part missing. And we didn't got a rubber band to tight the mould, so when I redo the mould, I put alginate into the paper cup, it's very convenient to use. If I chose to use silicone at first, it might wouldn't be so complicated, so never take shortcuts!




I did research on the mutated animals and plants that cause by nuclear disaster, most of them were become bigger,  color changed and have grown more limbs. I think it's interesting to design a Polydactyly jewelry on human body, to raise the environmental awareness, and show how man-mades changes to nature. It doesn't have to be fingers, it can also be facial features. And about material, I want to use metal and wool, the combination of man-made and nature, and the texture of hard and soft. I also want to add mechanical elements, so I would do some research on steampunk. But I still need to improve my portfolio sheets and prepare for interviews, I guess I couldn't finish the final outcome.


I went to the London zoo today, I wasn't there for inspiration, but surprisingly I look for inspirations subconsciously wherever I go. I think I got an idea for my project. To express the dark side of human, I want to make something disgusting, something people wouldn’t want to touch. I still remember how the skin of toads, caterpillars and spiders in the zoo made my flesh crawl, so I might do some research on them, and look for inspiration on these textures.


Read some examples of personal statements today, what I learned the most important is: describe it, not tell it, if you're good at something, give examples. I think I'd better plan my statement today, research the BA course and think about my personal qualities and how my skills match the requirements, I will make a mind map.


Today we had a fashion footwear and accessories presentation, I had never thought of these directions before, but I feel like it’s something that I could have a try, I am not sure, I might draw some sketches of shoes and bags in my project. In the afternoon, we had metal working lecture, I have learned metal working technique before and I am quite enjoy this craft, I like the texture of metal.


Sister may be the most competitive relationship within the family, my sister often copies what I do, and steal things from me, such as clothes, toys and make ups. At first, I looked at many photos of siblings, I was quite interested in the space between two people when they put their heads together, I tried to fill that gap, so my initial design was jewel that worn by two people, they need to put their heads together to hold it. And then I thought of conjoined twins, who have to share their bodies, I drew some designs for them. However, the idea of worn by two people is a bit old, I want something more interesting, I wanted to make a necklace in a shape that looks like being taken away by someone. My tutor asked if this negative, well, I love my sister, I just want to make it in a humorous way. I think when you miss someone, you also miss what they do the most often



I got some critical feedback in today's tutorial, it's hard but valuable, there are many things that I need to improve. During the tutorial, I found that the presentation of my work in sketchbook is not very clear, sometimes may let people misunderstanding my idea, so I need to organize my sketchbook, add some annotations and show it to others again. I printed out the feedback from tutor and made a plan for Christmas holiday.



The text I chose is from the song lyric of <some kind of nature> by Gorillaz, I think it's talking about the future, about post-apocalyptic, how man-made change the nature. The words I came up with are like man-made combine with nature, artificial intelligence and environment. I might look for inspiration from movies like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.



I made six models today


man-made combine with nature

I used metal to wrap around the leaf. I thought of how human force to change the nature, like wearing braces, moving our teeth by applying pressure. I think I can make an object that control the facial expression,  I used string and tape to do some experiments first.


mutant plant

I thought of the effect of Fukushima's nuclear disaster that was reported online. And I also thought human may need more and more protective garments to protect themselves from their own creation in the future, so I drew some initial design for protecting the weakest part of the human body.